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Great for adding textures, or as a standalone FX-based soft metallic sound.

Daniel Ciurlizza / Outlier Studios

Singing metal is an exceptionally detailed, creative and inspiring library to use. It’s simple, yet powerful GUI enables me to get creative with the sound set, and allows me to mold the patches to fit all of my scoring and music production needs

Ian LeCheminant / Solar Flare Music

I was joyfully surprised at how easy this library is to use and it sounds like the real thing. Whether creating ambient music, lo-fi music, relaxation music, meditational music, this library is a MUST HAVE

David Michael Tardy / Gothic Storm Music

Man, this was HUGE! I really enjoyed the sequences and rhytmical lines. I already almost finished a track in one day by just adding a one preset on the backround!

District Zero offers a vast selection of flexible and diverse dark technological sounds.
These densely detailed Massive patches will fit right in your cinematic piece.

I really enjoyed these presets and they are pretty editable to your needs. Definitely going for Vol.2!

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