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Max Christensen
Sound Designer / Musician

Observant Sound was founded by Max Christensen in 2016 under the name "Max Christensen Audio" and was rebranded to "Observant Sound" in 2019.
The company focuses on making great products for composers and music makers in the form of sample libraries, sample packs and soft-synth presets.


Max Christensen has enjoyed a deep and widely varied education in music.
Starting with classical piano and flute with 14, dabbling in electronic music in high school, studying music composition and production for media in the Netherlands and diving deep into international & traditional folk music after university.
His deep fascination for sound has led him to continually explore anything and everything related to the topic.
This has led to collecting and learning all sorts of instrument (usually the weirder, the better), exploring all kinds of sound synthesis and electronics, field recordings, foley, SFX and post-production, building up a huge network of excellent international musicians and experiencing what other musical traditions and cultures have to offer.

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