Singing Metal: Gas Bottle

Singing Metal: Gas Bottle is a collection of metallic percussion sounds more on the harsher side.

Add sharp metallic percussion for some edge, wobbly tonal hits with inharmonious overtones that can sound eerily sweet or straight up destructive.
Customize the sound to your liking with 3 different beater articulations, Envelope controls, FX and Sends.
Create rhythmic ambiences quickly with the inspiring and easy-to-use built in arpeggiator.


–Requires a full version of Kontakt 6. Will not work with Kontakt Player–

Original price was: 25,00 €.Current price is: 15,00 €.

Singing Metal - Gas Bottle for Kontakt6 Cover Image
Singing Metal: Gas Bottle

Original price was: 25,00 €.Current price is: 15,00 €.


Played with Fingers / Mallets & Sticks

3 Round Robin for each Articulation 

Inspiring & Easy to use Arpeggiator

3 Dynamic Layers

28 Instrument patches

Presets Demo

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