Singing Metal: Steel Tongue

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From the “Singing Metal” series.

Let the mellow tones of this meditative metal instrument enhance your music, by easily adding a metallic flair and character to your compositions.
Customize the sound to your liking with 3 different beater articulations, Envelope controls, FX and Sends.
Create rhythmic ambiences quickly with the inspiring and easy-to-use built in arpeggiator.

–Requires a full version of Kontakt 6. Will not work with Kontakt Player–


Singing Metal - Steel Tongue
Singing Metal: Steel Tongue



Played with Fingers / Mallets & Sticks

3 Round Robin for each Articulation 

9 RR for the Percussive Patch

2 Mic Positions

11 Instrument patches

Video Walkthrough

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5 reviews for Singing Metal: Steel Tongue

  1. David Michael Tardy

    It is so refreshing, with the plethora of sample libraries out there, to come across a library you do not see very much and that is fantastic. Of course with any instrument, one would prefer to have the “real” thing, but a steel tongue drum costs hundreds of dollars, which not many have to spend, especially during these tumultuous times, nor does one have the time to learn how to play one, especially if it is being used for projects with tight deadlines. I used to perform in a “sound healing, relaxation and sound meditation” group when I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico and this library would have surely come in handy. I was joyfully surprised at how easy this library is to use and it sounds like the real thing. Whether creating ambient music, lo-fi music, relaxation music, meditational music, this library is a MUST HAVE, especially at this price! Thank you Observant Sound for creating such a wonderful, easy-to-use, Steel Tongue Drum Library! It truly is a joy to play! I shall use it often and I look forward to the libraries you will be creating in the future! Blessings

  2. Ian LeCheminant

    Singing metal is an exceptionally detailed, creative and inspiring library to use. It’s simple, yet powerful GUI enables me to get creative with the sound set, and allows me to mold the patches to fit all of my scoring and music production needs. Singing metal is a great debut product for Observant Sound. I look forward to their new product release in the future!

  3. Daniel Ciurlizza

    Great for adding textures, or as a standalone FX-based soft metallic sound

  4. Caroline-Jayne Gleave

    This is an absolute gem of a library. I use it in almost every composition for its wonderful percussive addition to any track. It’s intuitive and easy to use and has a ton of customisable features which makes it a pleasure to play. It’s a hugely versatile library and a must buy. Don’t even think about it, just add it to your basket, you won’t regret it.

  5. Tarik Koray

    I am very happy with Steel Tongue.
    Whenever I need deep inspiration, i just play it and it really is like a friend showing ways..

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