Veiled Ashes

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Veiled Ashes is a dual sample player for Kontakt 6 with a focus on creating evolving atmospheres and modulation.

Use the custom MODULATION ENGINE and MATRIX to modulate up to 25 targets with 9×2 modulators and bring a sense of life and movement to any sample.


  • 180 samples sourced from musicians around the world
  • 200 crafted presets ready to go or to tweak with pre-made CC options
  • User Samples & Presets
  • Redo / Undo buttons for easy experimenting and fixing mistakes
  • Randomiser buttons for quick inspiration and surprising results

— Veiled Ashes requires a full version of Kontakt6 and will not work with the free player —


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Veiled Ashes


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Feature overview

38 samples
17 presets
5x2 modulators?
User presets & samples?
Randomise buttons?

5 reviews for Veiled Ashes

  1. Werner Cleerbout

    Great product. Great sounds. Great price. Great work Max.

  2. David H.

    I love the interface, the built-in preset browser, and randomization options. The choice of an ambient sound set is a boon to composers of new age music and related genres. The company was quick to reply to my queries and very helpful.

  3. Simeon Amburgey

    I featured Veiled Ashes on a recent live stream and did not know what to expect at first, I thought, do we really need another pad library for Kontakt, I soon found out the answer.
    When opening Veiled Ashes for the first time, I immediately recognized how much thought was put into the interface, as you had everything on one screen, then there was the sound.
    Browsing through each preset opened up so many different soundscapes, it was very inspiring to play. The sounds were warm and had a life to them that pulled you into their universe, and that was just the beginning.
    Looking at how powerful the MATRIX view signals that you could create so many additional patches and basically create an entire arrangement by only using this one instrument.
    I feel like I have only scratched the smallest surface of what can be accomplished with Veiled Ashes. I look forward to more discoveries and adventures ahead.
    Well done Max!

  4. Peter B

    A kontakt instrument done just right. My new go-to for ambient sounds with wonderful, living, breathing presets. Not to mention the ability to use your own samples. The modulation engine is pure genius.

  5. Jihef de Gaillac

    Great sounds to create ambient atmospheres and soundscape travels who brings my melodies / harmonies / poly-rhythms / world fusions. 2 layers for easy use, matrix … Great in Kontakt. my french site:

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