Small Office Foley & SFX

This library is all about the small insignificant sounds that occur everyday in any small office along with some very special sounds made from those items. All sounds are recorded cleanly with many variations to choose from and named meticulously. They´ve also been noise treated and edited carefully to make the use a seamless experience.
Since a lot of the sounds very recorded very closely, they open up new possibilities to sound designer. Some of the sounds could easily be used for weapon or impact and other kinds of sound design.

Some of the categories used in this library are: paperclips, hole punchers, staplers, fax-machine, printers, shredders, lots and lots of paper variations, drawers, file cabinets, ringbinders, post-its, books, keyboards and more.

606 Files

597 Sounds


1,14 GB

Includes Soundminer Metadata and a Spreadsheet

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Small Office Foley & SFX


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