District Zero Bundle – 210 Cyberpunk presets for Massive

“District Zero” is a Massive preset pack designed to bring you the wonderfully dystopian genre of Cyberpunk.

Each preset is meticulously designed to be a great addition or carrying element in any music project that needs a bit of dystopian oomph, Bladerunner-esque dread or psychological discomfort.

8 pre-configured Macros allow for easy exploration and manipulation of the presets, unlocking totally new sounds, and for effortless development over time.

Requires a full version of Native Instruments “Massive”


District Zero Bundle - 210 cyberpunk presets for massive
District Zero Bundle – 210 Cyberpunk presets for Massive



Gain access to an incrredible variety of experly crafted sound, and let it take you to a world of broken wires, neon lights, corporate overlords and techy gadgets.

With this huge collection of 210 presets for Massive, inspiration will come naturally and your next project will basically write itself.

Have a listen to some music demos below, and hear how these presets have enabled others to create sonic worlds of their own.

Music written with District Zero Bundle

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Preset Demos


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