District Zero Vol.2 – 86 Cyberpunk Presets for Massive

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“District Zero” is a Massive preset pack designed to bring you the wonderfully dystopian genre of Cyberpunk.

Each preset is meticulously designed to be a great addition or carrying element in any music project that needs a bit of dystopian oomph, Bladerunner-esque dread or psychological discomfort.

8 pre-configured Macros allow for easy exploration and manipulation of the presets, unlocking totally new sounds, and for effortless development over time.

Requires a full version of Native Instruments “Massive”


District Zero Vol.2 – 86 Cyberpunk Presets for Massive


What Awaits at District 0

  • Industrial Cyberpunk at your fingertips
  • Massive unlike you've heard before
  • 8 Macros for playability and customization

The District Contains:

  • 10 Drones
  • 20 FX
  • 12 Leads/Plucks
  • 11 Pads
  • 8 Percussion
  • 20 Performer Rhythms
  • 4 Sequences

Video Demo

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5 reviews for District Zero Vol.2 – 86 Cyberpunk Presets for Massive

  1. Ricardo Melo

    District Zero offers a vast selection of flexible and diverse dark technological sounds.
    These densely detailed Massive patches will fit right in your cinematic piece.

  2. music

    Tremendous sounds, darkly ambient and full of character – I’d not heard of Observant before, but will be coming back.

  3. Mechanik Project

    Man, this was HUGE! I really enjoyed the sequences and rhytmical lines. I already almost finished a track in one day by just adding a one preset on the backround!

  4. tomaspalazzi

    Awesome sounds for Massive, they sound very good but at the same time are not too complicated and you can modify it to your taste, exactly what presets should be! Looking forward to future packs.

  5. Philippe G.

    Excellent sounding presets, Love it

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